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My approach to treatment at Midnight Sun Herbal Health is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and it includes nutrition. In TCM, the underlying principles are that illness or dis-ease, means the body’s own natural state of equilibrium has been disrupted. When one seeks to re-establish balance within the body, it becomes necessary to not only treat the symptoms but also the cause, the root of the dis-sease. (In Western Medicine thisthey talk about the fore ground and the back ground of the illness or disease). As the symptoms lessen, overall health and strength improve, and the body becomes better able to maintain health and well being. All treatment is highly individualized. I also offer consultations on wellness and prevention as the best path to staying healthy.To learn more about Chinese Medicine TCM) , click here.

HERBAL THERAPIES: I provide the herbs you will need, from highly individualized custom blended formulas of powdered extracts to selected patent formulas. All of our products are obtained from highly regarded companies, whose products conform to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices). The formulas are tailored to your specific needs. This avoids reactions that may come with over the counter products. I am trained to formulate for individuals on Western medications. To learn more click here.

NUTRITION: Whole foodsare one of the single most important factors in maintaining vital health. We live in a stressed, fast paced society, where many foods are highly chemicalized, often devitalized and are often promoted to us based on speed/ease, not nutrition. I will assess with you your current nutritional base and will assess what changes need to be made and design a nutritional program for you that you can work with and that will work with your current medica lsituation. I will teach you about why certain foods are especially beneficial to you and which are not and why. If you need a step by step program, I will provide you with that and I will show you how to shop or distinguish the foods you need from the ones that will not serves your health. To learn more click here.

Qi THERAPY: (enegybased bodywork): Works with the vital life energy, Qi/Prana, which is affected by touch, diet, stress, life experiences, attitudes, anger, anxiety, joy, etc. You are likely to feel deeply relaxed after a session and it may also give relief from complaints of many conditions. Work is done on a clothed body. To learn more click here.

WELLNESS & PREVENTION: Keeping well, not getting ill is what most of us want, but it is not always what is the case. Staying well involves keeping the immune system, the digestive system functioning well, as well as eating healthy, getting exercise, sleeping enough, managing stress, etc. I can help set up a program that is appripriate for you, given your health blue print and life situation.

EXERCISE: is an important part of physical and mental health and well being. It is also part of looking your best. While I do not provide exercise opportunities at my office, I will be happy to work with you to find a type of exercise you can enjoy doing continuously

OTHER THERAPIES: I may also provide you with some additional therapies, depending on your health situation. These tools include; Moxa, cupping, select Homeopathic remedies and Flower Essences.

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"When I first came to see Bodil, I was suffering with hot flashes and night sweats. I was not a candidate for hormone replacement, because of a family history of postmenopausal breast cancer. I was skeptical at first, but in desperate need of help. I was taking showers three times a day. I got relief with the herbs Bodil gave me. I am on multiple medications and she has always made sure there would be no negative reaction with the herbs. She has also made adjustments for my reaction to summer heat and winter cold. It would be difficult to get through this period without her help. Bodil is always pleasant, ready and willing to answer questions and explain what she does so it is easy to understand."

Linda from Hyattsville


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