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Well, I think you are some sort of angel. My new diet has me feeling GOOD! More protein is what I needed. I am eating 3 full meals a day and am actually having 4 different vegetables a day and at least 1 fruit a day. I don't have to worry about what to eat, I just refer to the list and the problem is solved. 

Annette from Laurel



Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.











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Diet & Nutrition

Understanding the role that foods have as the source for good nutrition and good health can be confusing. If you come for a consultation, I will discuss with you your particular nutritional needs and requirements especially in view of your health concerns.

The media bombards us with often conflicting information, it can therefore be difficult to sort out what is best for us individually, especially if we are struggling with health problems. What suits one person, may not be right for another. As individuals our constitutions also differ. The seasons change and affect us in diferent ways. We may come from different cultural origins, different places in the world, we may have have different metabolic rates and a different health blue print, if you will, we have inherited from parents. All of these things can have bearing on which foods will suite us best as we work towards better health. There is not necessarily a "one size, fits all".

The quality of our foods and food sources is of great importance. Eating organic food to the largest extent possible will help your health long term. Research shows how harmful the effect of chemicals used in commercial agriculture, the food industry, both in shelf items and ready made foods, as well as the chemical found in the environment can be, also long term.

Food for many means comfort and the choices we make when we are not feeling well, either physically or emotionally, can compound our health problems, making regaining health difficult, including weight loss.

Foods, free of chemicals, oganic is best. , Grass fed meats are of special importance to children, they depend on good nutrition to develop properly on all levels. That and providing a healthy environment, that nurtures them emotionally, intellectually and socially is part of our own legacy for the future.

Most traditions around the world have regarded whole foods, even local foods freshly prepared as vital to good health and that particular foods have particular healing qualities. It was true 3,000 years ago and it is true today. Chinese Medicine developed their tradition of which foods can help heal which health issues and which foods are best to eat during the various seasons and which should be avoided at those times.

We eat food not just to feel full. We experience hunger because our bodies need the raw materials to produce the enzymes, hormones, blood cells, increase our immune health, create energy, set the metabolic rate, make skin and hair glow, etc., so we can continue to live, be active and thrive. The same holds true for our companion animals.

At Midnight Sun Herbal Health I look at your total situation, your current health, your health history and your basic constitution to help you understand what food choices will help you most with your particular situation. I can give information on the sourcing of organic and pastured foods. I will give you detailed information on what is going to work best for you, what will support you best as you strive to make the necessary changes. Information is the best tool in making choices. I will work with you so you can reach your goals.


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