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The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for him (her)self

John Knowles



Midnight Sun Herbal Health

A Complementary and Alternative Health Practice



Midnight Sun Herbal Health is based in whole health. In our time it is imperative that we as individuals take charge of and direct our own health and not delegate it to other. We must be proactive; ask questions, take action and find the specific people who can help us along the way. A clean, balanced and appropriate diet for our constitution is vital to good health. Herbs can also be an important part of a health bringing regiment. This hold true for people as well as their pets.

Plants have been used for food food and health as long as mankind and animals have existed. Chinese Medicine considers foods to have specific healing properties. For example a baked pear with crushed apricot seeds sprinkled over it and a drissle of honey can soothe a dry painful throat with a cough. They categorized herbs as special foods. The mildest of the herbs are considered food herbs; for example nettle and dandelion can be used freely, though they have medicinal qualities. The second category are considered medicinal herbs to be used in specific quantities for specific conditions. The third category herbs are used in small quantities only and for a specific prescribed amount of time, because they are so strong.

In Chinese Medicine herbs are prescribed for specific conditions according to the Chinese Medical Diagnosis and stated Chinese Treatment Principle, a diagnosis which differs from a Western Diagnosis.

Herbs are classified into several groups according to their actions and though there may be a number of herbs in a single category and each herb has its own specific actions within this category, which broadens its use. It is therefore possible to address a number of health complaints with one well composed formula by combining herbs from several categories. There are literally hundreds of formulas to draw on. Doses are body weight dependen, but also depend on severity of complaint, as well as the basic constitution of the client. A formula may be changed over time as the condition betters. Herbal therapies do not work over night, it is a process. If the individual will also follow the dietary reccomendations a speedier resolution can be expected. The exception may be with acute conditions; flu, sinus infections, itching, pain, etc. which can respond quite quickly.

HERBAL THERAPIES; I provide the herbs you will need and make highly individualized custom blended formulas from Chinese powdered extracts, as well as selected patent formulas, tinctures and a few select nutritional supplements. All of my products are obtained from highly regarded companies, whose products conform to GMP standards (good manufacturing practices) . The formulas are tailored to your specific needs and are weighed out in my own herbal pharmacy.

CUSTOM BLENDED POWDERED EXTRACT FORMULAS; The formula you may be given is based in one or more of the hundreds of ancient and new formulas, drawn from old Chinese texts and modern formula books. Many formulas are updated based on new research.The formulas are tailored to your individual situation and is adjusted as we proceed through the therapy. My herbal pharmacy contains more than 260 individual Chinese herbs. I also from time to time use Western herbs.

PATENT FORMULAS; Patent formulas from highly regarded companied, for example: Blue Poppy, ITM, Mayway, Bio Essence, Vitanica, Planetary Formulas, Dr. Dave's, Plum Flower, etc.can also be used, either as the primary formula or as an adjunct to a powder formula, if it becomes necessary.

TINCTURES; In addition I also have a selection of herbal tinctures, mainly from Western herbs, but also from Chinese herbs. The tinctures are most often used as an adjunct to other therapies.

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I have been a grateful and happy patient of Bodil's for many years. She is very skilled, thoughtful and available. Her recommendations have helped me overcome a variety of health challenges. In fact without her help, I would not be where I am now.

Diana from Takoma Park


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Traditional Chinese teapot used to cook herbal formulas.   Seen here with a Korean tacup and an assortmnt of medicinal herbs