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Ever wonder what in your backyard might be edible? Bodil will help expand your horizons. She will teach you how to identify a number of common plants,wich include both wild plants/weeds and those you buy as bedding plants, that are edible. There are some 20- 30 different plants and flowers growing throughout the year that are edible or have edible parts, where she will be teaching. Bodil will show you how to identify and use about 8-10 of them as food and show you others. She will also give you a little background on the plants that have been historically used from the earliest of time and will also talk about how some of these plants are used as medicine as time allows.


Before the time of grocery stores these were among the plants that ended up in stews, soups, as salads, teas, and such, satisfying hungry mouths. There are more than a 1,000 or more edible plants, but most people concentrate their intake around 4-9 of them. In French cuisine in the 1700, for example a salad was not considered much if it didn't include more than 10 plants. Bodil will if possible also have a taste treat for you to enjoy and you will walk away with a few recipes and a listing of resource literature.



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Bodil has many years of experience with teaching. She has taught classes privately, through Smile Herbshop's herbal class series and at Tai Sofia's Western Herbal Medicine program. She is available for teaching classes on any subject concerning herbs and nutrition . She is also available for short or long talks for small or large groups. (See Lecture page)

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Edible plants


Mullberry with fruit.  Many parts of this tree is used in Chinese herbal medicine.  The fruits are edible. For more informatin check edible plants page




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