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Bodil P. Meleney, RH(AHG), CH, RPP is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, (TCM) and Qi Therapy. Bodil's specialty is specific individual formulations. With her background as a Registered Nurse she has decades of experience in the health field. Bodil uses diet/nutrition, herbal therapies, energy based bodywork, supplements, exercise, dialog and education as well as adjunct therapies; flower essences and homeopathy. A healthy diet and plenty of physical activity is of great importance for basic health and Bodil herself spends a lot of time in nature, her garden is a source of enjoyment and she studies and practices Tai Qi. She eats healthily the way she teaches and stays curious about the world around her.

Bodil is a graduate of the East West School of Herbology in Santa Cruz, CA where she studied Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine under Michael Tierra, AHG, L.Ac, OMD and Leslie Tierra, AHG, L.Ac and other nationally leading herbalists.She was certified in 2001. She is also a registered Professional Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). In 1996 she established a practice as a Polarity Therapist and started using herbs in her practice in 1998 . She had previously studied Polarity Therapy with Charmaine Shore at Synergy Dance and Healing Arts Center in Washington, DC. Bodil is a voracious reader and continues her studies of herbs and medicine through Continuing Education Programs, such as those AHG , Blue Poppy Enterprises and East West School of Herbology provide. She also reads extensively in journals and research relating to Chinese Medicine.

Bodil was born in Norway, where she grew up spending a lot of time in nature. Her family ate natural foods and used many edible "weeds" as part of daily diet, especially during WWII. Later she got her degree as a Registered Nurse from the UllevÄl University Hospital in 1964. She is not currently licensed.

Bodil has written numerous columns for the Takoma Voice/Silver Spring Voice, MD. She has taught classes at Tai Sofia's Western Medical Herbalist Masters Program, MD on the overview of Chinese Medicine, as well as numerous independent classes on subjects from "Establishing and Maintaining a Medicinal Garden" to classes related to wellness, specific medical health conditions and the edible plants in nature. She is available for short and long lectures and classes on subjects relating to health, wellness, gardening and wild crafting.

Besides this, Bodil is also an artist and writer. She loves spending time with family and friends and cherishes her four grandchildren as the gems in her life. The future holds such promise, if we can only stop always rushing ahead, enjoy what we have, live in the now and have curiosity about tomorrow.


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